Defenit CTF 2020 Writeups

We zer0pts played Defenit CTF 2020 and reached 4th place! It was a really amazing CTF! Other members' writeups: furutsuki.hatenablog.com st98.github.io Here is the tasks and solvers for some challenges I solved. bitbucket.org [Pwn 656pts] …

Pwn2Win CTF 2020 Writeups

Pwn2Win CTF 2020 had been held from May 30th for 48 hours. I played it in zer0pts and reached 6th place. Especially pwn tasks were a lot of fun! [Pwn 263pts] At Your Command [Pwn 298pts] Tukro [Pwn 340pts] Trusted Node [Web 171pts] A Paylo…